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Local Cuisine

Prince Edward Island is known for its local cuisine from Lobsters to Oysters to our farm fresh potatoes and so much more.

We have included some close by establishments in Victoria by the Sea, a quaint village where you can enjoy these delicacies.

For those who would like to rely on, time honored regular restaurants, we have included the ones close by in the town of Cornwall.


Landmark Oyster House

PEI oysters are exported worldwide, with our cold & clean waters making them some of the freshest oysters in the world. Landmark Oyster House carries the Islands most premium brands, offering a rotating selection for a unique variety. Each oyster is unique in its flavours, texture, and size. Landmark Oyster House offers shucked oysters for dine in with a variety of sauces and the option of shucked or Unshucked for take out! 


Landmark Oyster House

Locally owned & Operated

12 Main Street

22 minutes from Oceanview


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